About us

Resistance Armament is a small business consisting of AR builders who believe in the Constitution and our right to bear arms. We seek to arm those who are just getting into the AR platform and are looking for budget builds, to the more experienced shooter who is looking for match grade quality. All our barrels start off as 4140 Chromoly Blanks and 416 Stainless Steel Blanks and are turned with our partner machinists who are also contracted with us for US made muzzle brakes and handguards/quadrails. Our barrels are lapped, extensions are polished and feedramps are polished. Barrels are dimpled to spec for proper gas block seating and finally checked with a go and no-go gauge before they are mated to the upper receiver. It takes us a lot longer to do it this way, but we feel it is the RIGHT way. We are not a big manufacturer so we don’t get paid by the hour to crank out as many builds as possible. We don’t have deadlines nor do we have management on top of us rushing our work. We take our time with every single build and give it as much love and attention as if it were our own personal build. We are a group of older professionals who have years of experience with the AR platform, but we’re all gun nuts in general. What started as a group of friends tinkering with guns and shooting in local competitions has now become Resistance Armament.

Thank you to all who made this possible. Thank you to our suppliers and partners, our customers. Without you guys, none of this would be possible. This is dedicated to our Troops, 2nd Amenders, 1st Responders, III%ers, My wife, AMERICA! And the Man upstairs, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Thomas Jefferson

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